Spotify Wrapped 2018

I'm a big lover of Spotify and post my monthly playlists here. Mainly because I like to see how my music taste changes over the years. Every year Spotify release your yearly stats and I always look forward to seeing what my most played songs and artists are. I'm surprised my top genre is Pop... Continue Reading →

Hi I’m Barnaby

Hi! I'm Barnaby and Stacey is my Bear Carer, I decided I would hijack her blog once a week and talk about the adventures I have been on! But first I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself that she might have missed out. I was created on 27th October at Comic... Continue Reading →

Meet Barnaby

Some people will already know the idea/ story behind Barnaby but for those who don't here it is... A few weeks ago I had a chat with my counsellor because I was having a few bad brain days and got myself in to a rut. We had a chat about the ways I would normally/used... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Playlist 2018

I spend most of the year looking forward to Christmas and today it is officially one month till Christmas Day! I always find this time of year exciting and the one thing that always gets me in the Christmas mood without fail is Christmas music. I have spent the last few weeks picking out my... Continue Reading →

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