Stacey Hubbard

Strictly speaking from experience

Bucket List

There are so many things that I want to achieve throughout my time on this planet I thought I would put a list together, then I can check them off and link to the relevant post as I complete them.


See The Northern Lights
See A Solar Eclipse
See A Waterfall
Go to St Faggons
See The Mona Lisa, at the Louvre in Paris
Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
Spend a day at Central Park, New York
Spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Use a Cable Car In San Francisco
Visit Anne Frank’s House
Walk Along the Great Wall of China
Push A Stone at Stonehenge
Make A Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace
Go to an Olympic Game
Stand at The Equator
Pack Your Bags and Set Off for A Random Location
Live in A Different Country for at Least 6 Months
Set Foot in All the Continents
See A TED Talk Live
Go On a Safari

Achieve Something:

Publish A Book
Get Featured in The Media for Something You Are Proud Of
Start A Movement On a Cause You Believe In
Get A Standing Ovation
Raise £2500 for Charity


Fold 1,000 Origami Cranes and Give Them to Someone Special
Pie Someone in The Face
Personally Know Someone Famous
Do Volunteer Work
Be A Mentor to Someone
Make A Difference in Someone’s Life
Give A Heartfelt Surprise to Someone
Perform A Kind Deed Without Expecting Anything in Return
Meet A Good Street Performer
Meet Someone You Can Only Dream of Meeting
Collect Autographs from All My Favourite People
Donate Blood
Get A Pen Pal
Write 365 Letters to Someone
Write Letters to 5 People Who Positively Influenced You
Leave £100 Tip for a waiter/waitress
Befriend A Stranger
Get A Drink for A Stranger
High Five a Stranger
Take A Picture with A Stranger
Give Free Hugs on a side-walk
Hold Sign Saying ‘Talk to Me About Anything’ On A Busy Street
Order Pizza and Send It to A Random House with Note

Something for Me:

Get A Pet
Get A Complete Makeover
Decorate My Room – Paint A Cool Landscape
Fly First Class
Get My Portrait Painted
Get A Signed Copy of a Book I Love
Dye My Hair an Unnatural Colour – Purple/Blue/ Red etc
Have restaurant staff sing for my birthday
Have A Spa Day
Get A Star Named After Me
Get Picked Up at The Airport by Someone with A Sign
Get My Nose Pierced ✔️ completed: 5th May 2017< strong>Learn Something New:<<<<
n to Drive<<<<<
to Say Hello in 26 Languages<<<<<
Sign Language

Try Something New:<<<<
Profession in A Different Field<<<<<
ery Single Ben and Jerry’s Flavour<<<<<
Be Vegan for A Week

Once in a Lifetime:<<<<
n A Hot-Air Balloon<<<<<
lic Speaking<<<<<
xtra in a Big Film<<<<<
r Skydiving<<<<<
n Elephant<<<<<
Big 6 Challenge at Alton Towers

Participate in/Organize Something:<<<<
teer at A Hospice<<<<<
Corn Maze<<<<<
nger Hunt<<<<<
r Mystery Dinner<<<<<
ise A Picnic Outing<<<<<
ise A Barbeque<<<<<
a Fundraiser<<<<<
nal Novel Writing Month<<<<<
OLY – actually complete it

Something Sentimental:<<<<
/Dance Barefoot in The Rain<<<<<
ience A Sunrise<<<<<
ience A Sunset<<<<<
A Tree and Watch It Grow<<<<<
n a Boat<<<<<
sleep On Grassy Plains<<<<<
ate Water Fight<<<<<
ge in A Bottle<<<<<
Under the Stars<<<<<
Cool Snowman<<<<<
y with No Social Media<<<<<
gun and Water Balloon Fight<<<<<
re and S’mores<<<<<
et and Sofa Fort<<<<<
ct A Penny Made in Every Year I’ve Been Alive<<<<<
A Note in A Library Book<<<<<
A Note On A Car Window<<<<<
ake Name at Starbucks<<<<<
nd to Be a Window Mannequin<<<<<
n All Nighter

Places to go / Things To See:<<<<
-in Movie<<<<<
ed Place<<<<<

Make Something:<<<<
A Scarf<<<<<
A Treehouse<<<<<
A Children’s Book<<<<<
A Vlog<<<<<
Rubber Band Ball<<<<<
A Scrapbook<<<<<
5 Day Photo Project<<<<<
-This Journal<<<<<

Tattoo Wishlist:<<<<
et Watch<<<<<
ly Hallows Symbol<<<<<
r Balloon<<<<<
hing Toy Story Themed<<<<<
d Star To The Right, Straight On Till Morning<<<<<
ng Scene