New Music Friday

Recently I have really started to get back into listening to music and trying to find new people to listen to as well as being ‘on top’ of knowing when the people I like listening to are releasing new songs.

I already make playlists each month on Spotify whcih include all of the songs I have been listening to. (you can find June’s playlist here)

So I have decided that each Friday I will post my new music ‘findings’ here. If you guys have any recommendations for people, songs, albums, music videos I should check out then make sure you post them below in the comments – or just post your thoughts on that days post there!

Anyways, today I have decided to post about Betty Who who is an Australian singer/ songwriter. I came across her on a random playlist on Spotify during my Journey back to Cardiff… And now I am hooked! The first song I heard was ‘Wanna Be’ from her album called ‘The Valley’ which was released this year.

Also I found this really awesome article on the Independent where Betty Who gives some background stories on each song which you can read here.

One of my other favourite songs from the ‘The Valley’ album is ‘Beautiful’ which she wrote following the Pulse shooting in Orlando.

I have since listened to all of her other songs on Spotify and watched several of her performances on YouTube. Now I am fully aware she isn’t anyone new and she has got an older album but for some reason I haven’t ever heard of her before and if you’re like me and you haven’t heard of her either I would totally recommend having a listen because both albums have quite different sounds.

If you want to find out more about Betty Who here are the links to her various social media profiles.

Official Page:

Stacey xo

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