I am quite open with the fact that my mental health is bad at times other times I am quite good at hiding it when it gets bad because I’m not entirely sure what or why I’m feeling the way I am at that time so I keep quiet until I do (which isn’t always the best way of dealing with it).

I love Christmas but sometimes I can find it overwhelming. Everyone tries to commit you to going out and doing things, the pressure of making sure you don’t forget to buy a present for someone, the shops are busy and everything just feels hectic.

I am lucky that I have spent a lot of time with counsellors working through different triggers for my depression and anxiety so I have developed a lot of different ways to cope.

The things I have learnt to do:

– Say no to going out or committing myself to being somewhere if I feel like it will be too much.
– Shopping online, or going into town really early or late so avoid the big crowds of people
– Travelling to see my family early in the day to avoid the stress of changing buses in London
– Going for walks so that I don’t stay boxed in my house
– Listening to music when my brain gets too much
– Watching Netflix / Youtube/ DVDs

I think it is really important to remember that Christmas can be and is a great time of year but can also be triggering for people with mental health problems.

(PS I bought a Christmas Tree outfit today and it was the best investment I have ever made)