I attempted to post weekly updates last year about what I had done that week to help with my ‘self-care’ ironically they ended up becoming too much and I started feeling overwhelmed by trying to make them entertaining.

I am toying with the idea of bringing them back in some way because I really do believe in ‘self-care’ and how important it is.

But for now I want to talk about why Sunday has become my self care day. Luckily with my rota in work at the moment it means that I regularly get Sundays off. This is particularly lucky for me because one of the biggest triggers of my anxiety is being out of my routine.

Recently Sundays have become my chill out day which I really enjoy. It’s the day I usually have a lay in, eat a roast dinner, and spend far too much time scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram watching endless episodes of Greys Anatomy with Maddie. I have found that because of this Sundays are a day I really look forward to and I try and to not commit to doing anything so that I can fully chill out.