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I'm a 20 something year old lesbian who is sharing her life with the internet. I am posting honestly about my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety following being sexually abused from the age of 6 until I was 19. I hope that I can raise awareness of the challenges victims and survivors of abuse can face as well as give the world a window into my life through my videos, poetry and other posts.

Poem: All The Good Things

Good things start small Good people walk tall Good things come to those who wait Good people don’t take the bait What goes around comes around Don’t let it knock you to the ground Words sting Just remember your dreaming Got your future planned Not making decisions off […]

Poem: Addict

Shivering Scratching at your skin As if trying to let it in Mind buzzing Unable to focus Eyes darting Living like a dog And then it comes Sharp and powerful A jolt of life into your body How long will it last What problems are you trying to […]