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I'm a 20 something year old lesbian who is sharing her life with the internet. I am posting honestly about my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety following being sexually abused from the age of 6 until I was 19. I hope that I can raise awareness of the challenges victims and survivors of abuse can face as well as give the world a window into my life through my videos, poetry and other posts.

Poem: Addict

Shivering Scratching at your skin As if trying to let it in Mind buzzing Unable to focus Eyes darting Living like a dog And then it comes Sharp and powerful A jolt of life into your body How long will it last What problems are you trying to […]

Poem : A Grain Of Rice

Dying in Africa We say we’re starving The lost their life, just fighting for a grain of rice Supermarkets scatter the streets Imagine days on your feet All for a grain of rice Doctors on our doorstep Think of dragging a loved one for miles around In the […]

Poem: A Dream Love

Your breath on my neck Our lips pressed together A feeling I can’t describe Every time your eyes meet mine I fall deeper in love, With your smile, with the blue in your eyes I don’t need to search anymore Because standing in front of my door Is […]