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CSA: Forgiveness

I wrote this in one of my notebooks during the police investigation: Forgiveness isn’t forgetting its acceptance of the things you can’t change in the past to have the future you deserve. I forgive him everyday so that I could listen to people talk about him positively, be […]

CSA: Nightmares and Flashbacks

Image from: Quite simply a flashback makes you feel as though you are experiencing a situation again. For me I flashbacks mean being sent back in time to anyone of the many times I was sexually abused. There are many things that trigger them, it can be a […]

CSA: I’m Scared

This came from a notebook and was written very early on in my police investigation: I’m scared: of losing my family everyone thinking I’m lying people believing him over me him getting away with it losing the people I care about all of this making how I feel […]

CSA: Keep Me Grounded

A quote from one of my notebooks “Keep me grounded” – Stacey xo You can contact me by E-mail: me on Twitter: a fan on Facebook: me on Tumblr: on YouTube: me on Soundcloud: me on Instagram: me: @stazzyhubbs

CSA: Receiving Support

One of the hardest parts about telling people that I had been through sexual abuse was thinking that no one would believe me. That I would face it alone. The reality was I wasn’t alone from the moment I started confiding in people about what happened. Knowing people […]