National Poetry Month

First off... Happy Easter, I hope you have eaten your weight in chocolate! I found out today that April is National Poetry Month. Now if you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I like writing poetry so I have decided I am going to write a poem every day this month. Here is... Continue Reading →

Poem: Until You Make It

I might not be who you want me to beBut I’m telling you nowI’ll be making it back somehowI’ve been making the headlinesBut only because life has no streets signsTo point me in the right directionI have no angel to offer me protectionSo I have to carve my own pathwayReady for when it’s my dayDon’t... Continue Reading →

Poem: Unfaithful Lies And Crazy Accusations

We’ll be sat at the dinner tableTrying to hold a conversationBut the foundations of this love are unstableUnfaithful lies and crazy accusations are the foundationsWon’t be long until the first plate smashes to the floorAnd I’m heading to the doorThe tears on your face can’t bring me backCan’t change it, no that’s a factSo many... Continue Reading →

Poem: Too Good To Be True

When everything goes wrongYou’re always the outsiderThe one no one believesMaybe I should have realisedThe friendship we had was,Too good to be true When they all come runningI’ll always rememberWhen I became the outsiderThe time I should have realisedThe friendship we had was,Too good to be true. Now I knowNever forgottenThe outsider I will always... Continue Reading →

Poem: Time To Come Clean

The situations getting oldPeople are talking, things are being toldI know I should have walked awayBut it was my heart that strayedPlayed games with my mindIt was only his love that I could findYou’d decided to head on homeBut it was to another I’d decided to roamOne more danceCaptivated by his glanceI know I’ve got... Continue Reading →

Poem: This Should Be The End

Save me from fallingI don’t want my heart to be calling,After youRemember the times you criedAccusing me of things, saying I had liedBut it wasn’t me, was itThis should be the end of us shouldn’t it?Cursing my nameBut it’s you with the unfaithful fameDon’t be throwing accusationsEspecially when we’ve had too many confrontationsI’m ready to... Continue Reading →

Poem: Them And Me

Tell me what you think of meI know the truth must be badEspecially now, after all that was saidYou say to me that you’ll never forgetBut when you’re with them it’s already forgottenYou tell me, honestlyBut you tell them truthfullyIt could have stayed like thisBut I broke the patternI knew I couldn’t competeWith these, I’ll... Continue Reading →

Poem: The Truth

You want things to be rightWe talk all nightBut deep insideI know we can’t hideThe truth that we want to denyLike two pieces of a puzzle that just won’t fitNo matter how hard we tryWe just can’t lieIt always ends the same wayWhat we think is rightThey know is wrongWe can’t hide the fact we... Continue Reading →

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