Category: Poetry

Poem: I am Gay

I have just uploaded an old recording of a poem I wrote called ‘I am Gay’ – take a look and let me know what you think! If you like the look of this video – make sure you take a look at my other vlogs & subscribe! […]

Poem: One Day Maybe

Six years oldIn my mind I’m stuck alone and coldSay you understandAll that was lost at a monsters handSay it will be okayBut it still lives with me even to this dayI’m now twenty oneStill trying to win this battle that can’t be wonA ghost creeping up on […]

Poem: It’s Christmas Day

It’s Christmas DaySo many people to see, so many things to sayThe tree is decoratedCertain members of the family are tolerated The turkey is cookingThe children are lookingTo see if Santa has beenThe veg is pealed all fresh and greenPresents in the stockingFairy lights are sparklingCarols being sungThe […]

Poem: 21

Now that I am turning 21In some ways my life has just begunBorn on 9th November 1993Who thought I would become the woman I’ve turned out to be Fought a battle since I was six years oldOnly just found the courage to tell a story I never thought […]