Category: Poetry

Poem: I Look Upto You

I have been given something not everyone gets the chance ofThe who don’t are angels in the sky looking down on us from the sky abovePeople we wish were here with us, people we will never forgetPeople we weren’t ready to say goodbye to yet Because of them […]

Poem: Sometimes I Might

I’m gonna put a smile on my faceOtherwise I’ll look like I’m in a distant placeExperiencing things I’ll never forgetRelated to someone I wish I never metBut deep inside something tells me to keep goingDeep inside something tells me to keep growing Sometimes I might seem like a […]

Poem: She

She’s like chocolate on a rainy dayShe’s the words I can’t sayShe’s the comfort in the darkShe’s the long walks in the parkShe’s the hand I want to holdShe’s the one who holds the secrets I’ve never toldShe’s the future in my presentShe’s the one who makes me […]

Poem: Real Love

I might only be twentyBut that doesn’t meanI don’t know what’s truly real love We could spend every second of our lives togetherBut I’ll still wish those seconds could last foreverI could be holding her close to meBut that doesn’t meanI don’t wish she was even closer It’s […]