Poem: Is It Out Of Place?

Can’t you see the tears running down my face?Don’t they look out of place?Can’t you see the bruises on my skin?Your only sinCan’t you see the pain in my eyes?It shouldn’t be a surprise Raise your handTurn it into a fistStrike me hard Day and nightDo it at […]

Poem: Inspiration

A hero comes alongWithout a fear knowing where they belongWith every step they takeAnother heart may breakBut they search inside themselvesTo follow the dreams the desireEach a hero becoming an inspirationTo the whole population   What do you think? – Esjae x

Poem: I’m Not Afraid

Don’t stereotype mePlease don’t tell me who I should beIn my head I knowAnd that’s how my personality is going to growI see all the problems you seeDon’t try and blame them on meThe streets have a voiceEvery person has a choiceDecide what path their going to takeWhat […]