Poem: A Dream Love

Your breath on my neck Our lips pressed together A feeling I can’t describe Every time your eyes meet mine I fall deeper in love, With your smile, with the blue in your eyes I don’t need to search anymore Because standing in front of my door Is […]

Poem: I Wish I Knew

I’m standing on this rooftop Trying to figure out how I can stop, People having to stop dreaming, People having to stop believing How can I make a difference How can I help those suffering in silence What about those losing a loved one What about those who […]

Poem: Forever An Addict

You drive me mad with temptations Sending my mind crazy with hallucinations The driving force to my day to day existence I try not to but every time I have to give into your persistence I’m trying to forget about you, scratching at my skin I don’t want […]

Poem: Rest In Peace

Wouldn’t say that I’m religious Couldn’t say that I’m superstitious But I’m praying, begging, God please Can’t you see that I’m on my knees Need a chance to be in your arms Away from all and every harm I say I’m fine but I’m not alright Because you’re […]