Poem: I’ll Never Be Alone

I could look into your eyes all nightYou captured my heart at the first sightYour lips so softIn you I’m lostA love that could last forever, I don’t knowHe’s a gentleman who insists on walking me homeExchanging numbers he can’t believe I’m alone Five years later, I have […]

Poem: I Pray

I see where you last layAnd then I prayIf I knew what brought them to do thisBut that wouldn’t change what I missWhat if I was there?Would you still be here?Why have you been taken from us like this?Is it like some cruel test?Everything passes in a hazeI’m […]

Poem: Homeless

  Cold and lonelyI know for sure he won’t be the onlyNo bed or foodIs it a wonder he’s in such a bad moodPassersby narrowing their eyesNo words pass their lips, not a hello or goodbyeRejected by societyNot trusted with any responsibilityNeglected and aloneWithout a shelter to call […]

Poem: Guiding Me

Take me in your armsAway from all harmPull me into your chestThis is my only requestWhen I’m downYou always find a way to be aroundYou whisper words of reassuranceIt’s becoming a common occurrenceYour words pull me throughAll the time so trueI long for the day I’m there for […]