Poem: Helping You

When things happen to you There’s so much more I wish I could do You and me will battle through Especially now, so much has been taken from you The support we get I’ll never forget Especially all of the upset But there’s still time yet For us […]

Poem: Footprints On Your Heart

Making footprints on your heartIs just like walking on untouched snowTaking baby steps, until we can watch our love growYou’ll always be more than and nothing lessThan I could have asked forThe blue sky surrounds meSince the day that you found meLook into your heartAnd that’s where I’ll […]

Poem: Every Piece Of My Heart

Stars are fallingEveryday my heart is calling,I know I acted dumbAnd now my heart is numbI’m trying to figure out a wayTo make you understand that, I don’t want you to go astrayI can’t take another dayWithout you knowingEvery piece of my heart is on the groundWaiting for […]

Poem: Each And Everyday

Each day I see the rainAnd I’m reminded of your painEvery day you told me you couldn’t copeAnd I told you we would work it outEvery day you said of all you’re hurtAnd I said one day it would endEach day I visit youAnd tell you about my […]