Poem: Changing Times

Chocolate, sweets and treatsFalling from the skyThe sound of children’s laughterRight into the distanceThis is how it used to be Guns, knives and violenceFrom the hands of teenagersThe sound of victims screamsRight into the distanceThis is what it’s turning to be The time is changingThe sound is changingThe […]

Poem: Crying For Help

The streets are littered with so many teenage pregnancies Along with many other dangers and obscenities Knives and guns carried for pride Cars not owned, just used while on a joyride Lives filled with drama Police head to foot in armour The people you hang with is a […]

Poem: As Good As Ours

Everybody is looking for loveTheir guardian angel sent from aboveSomeone to whisper their name in the darkLonging to feel ‘that’ sparkHeart skipping a beatEvery time their eyes meetLaying under the starsOne thing we know,Their love will never be as good as ours – Esjae

Poem: Always Yours

I’m stuck on you I’m falling in love With everything you do I want it to be you and me Forever and always It’s the way it should be We’re together forever I never want to let you go This I want you to know Don’t walk in […]