Tag: Addiction

Poem: Nothing But Perfection

Let’s make a decisionA fatal incisionLove or hate,Whatever it must be fateCome in closerI’m not a poserI want the best,Won’t settle for anything lessLove me or hate meI’m all that you can see,And everything I want to beNothing but perfection,God’s own selectionYou might be standing tallBut who’s going […]

Poem: Addict

Shivering Scratching at your skin As if trying to let it in Mind buzzing Unable to focus Eyes darting Living like a dog And then it comes Sharp and powerful A jolt of life into your body How long will it last What problems are you trying to […]

Poem: Forever An Addict

You drive me mad with temptations Sending my mind crazy with hallucinations The driving force to my day to day existence I try not to but every time I have to give into your persistence I’m trying to forget about you, scratching at my skin I don’t want […]