Tag: Bullying

Poem: Too Good To Be True

When everything goes wrongYou’re always the outsiderThe one no one believesMaybe I should have realisedThe friendship we had was,Too good to be true When they all come runningI’ll always rememberWhen I became the outsiderThe time I should have realisedThe friendship we had was,Too good to be true. Now […]

Poem: The Silent Suffering

A tear running down your faceYou explain your painDay after day you’ve sufferedEvery hour you’ve never said a wordYour voice unheardNow you have the confidenceThat you once lostSeparated from the world you once belonged toAll you need is a sense of security  What do you think? -Esjae x

Poem: The Minority

People stop and stareThey’re the ones who need a sign saying bewareWhen they know your nameThey’ll start following your gameYour names in lightsSoon people are in your faceThis is when you need some headspaceThey’ll start stabbing you in the backTheir words on the attack All I’m trying to […]

Poem: Precious

You body so preciousYour mind so pricelessYour soul floating lifelessThe result of so many harmful wordsMaking your soul float away like a flock of flying birdsI wish you could seeThat what is happening to you just isn’t the way it should beEach time you forgive and forgetThey’ll never […]

Poem: Is It Out Of Place?

Can’t you see the tears running down my face?Don’t they look out of place?Can’t you see the bruises on my skin?Your only sinCan’t you see the pain in my eyes?It shouldn’t be a surprise Raise your handTurn it into a fistStrike me hard Day and nightDo it at […]