Poem: Setting The Scene

Laying on the roundLooking so peacefulThe scene around you devastatingFlashing lights, sirens, bloodEverything is done for a reasonWhat reason is good enough for this? Would you want to live again?If there was an end like thisWould you be the victim?Living in a new spaceI’d be happy to take your placeWill you be happy now you … Continue reading Poem: Setting The Scene

Poem: Nothing But Perfection

Let’s make a decisionA fatal incisionLove or hate,Whatever it must be fateCome in closerI’m not a poserI want the best,Won’t settle for anything lessLove me or hate meI’m all that you can see,And everything I want to beNothing but perfection,God’s own selectionYou might be standing tallBut who’s going to be there when you fall?  What … Continue reading Poem: Nothing But Perfection

Poem: Not Ready To Leave

Staring at my beating heartI’m not ready to leaveNot yetSharp and so powerfulPlunging deepI’m not ready to leaveNot yetYou were just a strangerEyes filled with dangerSo forceful, you’ll never be remorsefulI’m not ready to leaveNot yetMaybe this is my endA kitchen utensilTaken all chanceFor a happy endingI wasn’t ready to leaveBut I guess I’ll have … Continue reading Poem: Not Ready To Leave

Poem: You Might Surprise Yourself

Race, PlaceBlack, WhiteTall, SmallFat, ThinCheating, BeatingDreaming, ScreamingHoping, PrayingCrying, Lying, DyingTeenagers, prejudiceGuns, KnivesLouts, layaboutHoodys, scum Don't stereotype meDon't tell me who I should beI see all the problems you seeDon't try and blame them on meTimes have changedCommunties rearrangedKnives carried for prideCars taken for a joy rideYou only see the badAll the things that make us … Continue reading Poem: You Might Surprise Yourself

Poem: You Don’t Need To Pretend

I watch people shut down, turn offI see people roll their eyes, tut, scoffThey want me to be the sameBut I don't want to follow the crowd, I don't need someone else to blameSociety has taught me to see a man begging in the streetAnd turn my back without giving him anything to eatI'm meant … Continue reading Poem: You Don’t Need To Pretend