Tag: Death

Poem: Someday Soon

Today maybe a new dayBut there will always beThe problems on the outsideThe people who can’t see who you really areThe ones who want you to be different You always say, make the best of what you haveBut how can you when,You know someone will dieYou know someone […]

Poem: Sleep Tight

Each number has a nameAnd each name has a numberImagine being lost in a crowdNever to be foundJust a number with a nameA name lost in this worldFighting for you and I For us to have a piece of mindI hope you sleep well tonightKnowing a number with […]

Poem: Setting The Scene

Laying on the roundLooking so peacefulThe scene around you devastatingFlashing lights, sirens, bloodEverything is done for a reasonWhat reason is good enough for this? Would you want to live again?If there was an end like thisWould you be the victim?Living in a new spaceI’d be happy to take […]

Poem: Our Heroes

Fighting for you and meSo we can be what we want to beGiving their livesSpend a minute thinking about those who didn’t surviveThe wives left behindSee them come homeGive them some respectWhat more could we expectThey give everything for usNot doing it for some kind of buzzLives are […]