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Poem: The Truth

You want things to be rightWe talk all nightBut deep insideI know we can’t hideThe truth that we want to denyLike two pieces of a puzzle that just won’t fitNo matter how hard we tryWe just can’t lieIt always ends the same wayWhat we think is rightThey know is wrongWe can’t hide the fact we want to deny  What do

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Poem: The Step I Have To Take

How many chances before you call it a day?How many lies have I got to hear before I get my say?I’m hearing so much nonsenseBoy don’t you have a conscienceCan’t you see what you’re doing to me?A romantic gesture, on bended kneeThat isn’t going to help you nowI can’t even scream about that other cowYou’ve reduced me to petty name

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Poem: Take Every Chance

No second chancesRefuse to give you any second glancesYou walked out on usAnd left me behindAnother door has closed in my faceBut I just stand up once againAnd face the world with a smileBecause I know I can do betterThan what you gave meFind another who loves me for who I am Every day is a fightBut for once I’ve

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Poem: Spiralling Love

Love, hate, passion and fateOne minute you’re walking tallThe next you’re falling beyond all controlIf it wasn’t for the glint in your eyesThat shot me to the skiesMy heart wouldn’t be breakingAnd this smile I wouldn’t be fakingI just wish I was the one on your mind at nightAnd during the day we didn’t fightSaying things we didn’t meanBelieving what

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