Poem: Until You Make It

I might not be who you want me to beBut I’m telling you nowI’ll be making it back somehowI’ve been making the headlinesBut only because life has no streets signsTo point me in the right directionI have no angel to offer me protectionSo I have to carve my own pathwayReady for when it’s my dayDon’t … Continue reading Poem: Until You Make It

Poem: You Might Surprise Yourself

Race, PlaceBlack, WhiteTall, SmallFat, ThinCheating, BeatingDreaming, ScreamingHoping, PrayingCrying, Lying, DyingTeenagers, prejudiceGuns, KnivesLouts, layaboutHoodys, scum Don't stereotype meDon't tell me who I should beI see all the problems you seeDon't try and blame them on meTimes have changedCommunties rearrangedKnives carried for prideCars taken for a joy rideYou only see the badAll the things that make us … Continue reading Poem: You Might Surprise Yourself

Poem: You Don’t Need To Pretend

I watch people shut down, turn offI see people roll their eyes, tut, scoffThey want me to be the sameBut I don't want to follow the crowd, I don't need someone else to blameSociety has taught me to see a man begging in the streetAnd turn my back without giving him anything to eatI'm meant … Continue reading Poem: You Don’t Need To Pretend