1 Year Together

One year ago Marysia and I became an ‘official’ couple. We had just spent a few weeks a part where she had been to South Africa and I had been to Norfolk with my parents, prior to that we had spent a few weeks getting to know each other. Knowing that I was going away … Continue reading 1 Year Together

Poem: I’m Living My Truth Without Your Lies

You think you know it allYou think you know meBut if I tell you the truth you would stop and stallIf you open your eyes then maybe you would seeThat I'm not longer going toPlay your gamesPretend that to me you're being trueWhen really you have 101 different love flamesYou maybe 'Mr Perfect'But really you're … Continue reading Poem: I’m Living My Truth Without Your Lies

Poem: Unfaithful Lies And Crazy Accusations

We’ll be sat at the dinner tableTrying to hold a conversationBut the foundations of this love are unstableUnfaithful lies and crazy accusations are the foundationsWon’t be long until the first plate smashes to the floorAnd I’m heading to the doorThe tears on your face can’t bring me backCan’t change it, no that’s a factSo many … Continue reading Poem: Unfaithful Lies And Crazy Accusations

Poem: Time To Come Clean

The situations getting oldPeople are talking, things are being toldI know I should have walked awayBut it was my heart that strayedPlayed games with my mindIt was only his love that I could findYou’d decided to head on homeBut it was to another I’d decided to roamOne more danceCaptivated by his glanceI know I’ve got … Continue reading Poem: Time To Come Clean

Poem: This Should Be The End

Save me from fallingI don’t want my heart to be calling,After youRemember the times you criedAccusing me of things, saying I had liedBut it wasn’t me, was itThis should be the end of us shouldn’t it?Cursing my nameBut it’s you with the unfaithful fameDon’t be throwing accusationsEspecially when we’ve had too many confrontationsI’m ready to … Continue reading Poem: This Should Be The End