Tag: Love

Poem: The Feeling Inside

Your hand in mineFor all of timePlease guide me throughAs I never want to be without youYou’re the breath in my bodyYou’re the beat in my heartI’ve been waiting for this feelingThat I’m slowly revealingI need to hold youA need that’s become overdueYou’ve opened my eyesTo the feelings […]

Poem: The Best Is Yet To Come

A part of you is a part of meAnd will always beBut now we’re throughWe’ll walk our separate waysIt may take daysBut in time you’ll seeThe best is yet to comeI hope you understandAll is said and doneWalk with your held highBecause both of us knowHow hard it […]

Poem: Take Every Chance

No second chancesRefuse to give you any second glancesYou walked out on usAnd left me behindAnother door has closed in my faceBut I just stand up once againAnd face the world with a smileBecause I know I can do betterThan what you gave meFind another who loves me […]

Poem: Stay By My Side

You’ve opened my mindTo what the future could holdFingers intertwinedHearts beat in timeYou’re like the puzzle piece I’ve been trying to findYour love feels electricPulsing through my veins    I’m ready to flyWith you by my sideGliding through everythingHappy or sadGood or badTogether is how we’re meant to be […]

Poem: Spiralling Love

Love, hate, passion and fateOne minute you’re walking tallThe next you’re falling beyond all controlIf it wasn’t for the glint in your eyesThat shot me to the skiesMy heart wouldn’t be breakingAnd this smile I wouldn’t be fakingI just wish I was the one on your mind at […]