Tag: Love

Poem: Something To Remember

Some people call you crazy, I call you mineTogether we’ll last till the end of timeWritten like a fairytale, our love is meant to lastForget about the past, look into the futureTogether we’ll make it something to remember A moment together will last foreverSaying those three words to […]

Poem: Small Steps

Music plays in my head like a movieYou’re the soundtrack to my lifeIt’s never going to be easyBut you’ve always been around to save meNow you’ve caught me just before I fallYou hand grips mineTaking small stepsDon’t know who I’d be without youYour face decorates my dreamsYour hand […]

Poem: She Says She Loves Him

She says she loves himBut everyone can see it’s just a whimShe thinks it comes from her heartBut in reality they should be apartHe can’t see through the lies in her eyesAnd comforts every tear she criesTheir hearts are like an out of time collaborationIt’s only going to […]

Poem: Separate Ways

I know I’ve got to do thisBut boy your love I’m going to missWe can’t work it out anymoreBecause my heart is shattered in pieces on the floorWe agreed to take it slowThat way our love would be guaranteed to growWe couldn’t be more wrongProved in your heart […]