Tag: Love

Poem: Plain for Anyone to See

We’re meant to be togetherSo give me the chanceI’ll be by your side foreverBe one hundred percent faithfulGive you gifts and buy you thingsI’ll treat you rightBe by your side, no reason for us to fightNever do you wrongBecause in my heart you belongI’ll never leave you for […]

Poem: Our Illustration

A camera can only everIllustrate the memories that you hold in your headBut together we can reliveEvery little illustration that you hold in your hands We can dance, under the starsWe can eat, together a picnicWe can watch that same film in each other’s eyesWe can talk, about […]

Poem: Only Ready

Your voice runs through my headYour touch lingers on my skinYou’re standing in front of me,Eyes locked, body frozenThe sound of our hearts beating,Echoing from the wallsI’m only ready to fallIf you’re going to be there through it all What do you think? -Esjae x

Poem: Not Ready Yet

Walking aroundStaring at the groundPeople passing byNot ready for another good byeStay a while longerMaybe we will become strongerJust like Romeo and JulietWe have a love no one will forgetLet’s make this lastWe can’t let another moment pass What do you think? -Esjae x