Self-Care Sunday: Soft Things

I was always find it interesting talking to people about my mental health as I am very good at hiding it when it is affecting me. Receently I have encountered quit a few people who are just beginning to confront the mental health problems they are facing. During my conversations that I have had with … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Soft Things

Self Care Sunday: My Brain Book

It's been a while since I wrote a 'Self Care Sunday' post. Originally I was trying to steer away from 'themed' posts but in some ways I like the structure. So while we are finding our feet again I'm just going to wing it! I always find myself acquiring new notebooks whether it is as … Continue reading Self Care Sunday: My Brain Book

Self-Care Sunday: Opening Up is Not a Bad Thing

I struggle to open up to people. I don’t like to feel or be seen to be vulnerable so instead i end up bottling up how I feel. I am very good at only showing people the parts of me that I want them to know, different people get to see different parts of me, … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Opening Up is Not a Bad Thing

Fitness Friday: Walking

Everyone thinks I’m a little bit crazy because I like walking to places. It doesn’t really matter what the weather is like, I just like that little bit of freedom to get outside and set off to walk somewhere. I usually get the chance to see things I wouldn’t normally get a chance to, plus … Continue reading Fitness Friday: Walking