Self Appreciation

I used to do a 'Motivational Monday' blog post every week and I thought I would try and bring this back. I think it is important to try and start the week as positively as possible and sometimes we need a push in the right direction. We often talk about showing our appreciation for other … Continue reading Self Appreciation

Poem: Until You Make It

I might not be who you want me to beBut I’m telling you nowI’ll be making it back somehowI’ve been making the headlinesBut only because life has no streets signsTo point me in the right directionI have no angel to offer me protectionSo I have to carve my own pathwayReady for when it’s my dayDon’t … Continue reading Poem: Until You Make It

Poem: It’s Time

Watch the rainbow paint the skyDon’t let time pass you byMemories are created by families and friendsForget all the arguments it’s time to make amendsTry and find a way backIt’s time to get on the right trackNever let your dreams slip awayBecause tomorrow is a new dayThe future is in your handsTurn the page; it’s … Continue reading Poem: It’s Time