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6 Months In

*Warning* This post may be a little bit sappy so feel free to skip it if you feel you want to (I won’t be offended) I will be completely honest when me and Marysia first started ‘talking, ‘dating, ‘seeing’ each other, whatever you want to call it I […]

Our First Date…

In yesterday’s blog I spoke about how I wanted to include more things here that I could look back on in the future. So in the first of many posts about more specific aspects of my life I thought I would write about early part of Marysia and […]

Denny’s Breakfast Date

I love food, that’s no secret, I particularly love chocolate and anything sweet. So when Marysia suggested going for breakfast at Denny’s I was all for it, even if I did put up a little bit of a fight because it was Sunday morning and I am far from […]


One of the things I wanted to do more of this year is exploring different places a bit more. So when Marysia suggested going to Tenby on our day off together I thought it was a great idea especially with the weather being so hot! I got the […]

Looking Back On June

June has been a pretty eventful month. Summer has definitely started here in the UK and I don’t think Cardiff has gone this long without rain since I moved here! I have had a few wobbles with my mental health but thanks to the great people around me […]