Self-Care Sunday: Soft Things

I was always find it interesting talking to people about my mental health as I am very good at hiding it when it is affecting me. Receently I have encountered quit a few people who are just beginning to confront the mental health problems they are facing. During my conversations that I have had with … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Soft Things

Self Care Sunday: My Brain Book

It's been a while since I wrote a 'Self Care Sunday' post. Originally I was trying to steer away from 'themed' posts but in some ways I like the structure. So while we are finding our feet again I'm just going to wing it! I always find myself acquiring new notebooks whether it is as … Continue reading Self Care Sunday: My Brain Book

Self-Care Sunday: Opening Up is Not a Bad Thing

I struggle to open up to people. I don’t like to feel or be seen to be vulnerable so instead i end up bottling up how I feel. I am very good at only showing people the parts of me that I want them to know, different people get to see different parts of me, … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Opening Up is Not a Bad Thing

Self-Care Sunday: Time

It’s no secret that I have found myself in a bit of a rut recently. I think everyone finds themselves at different times losing motivation and interest in things that they once enjoyed doing and trying to fall back in love with them doesn’t always work. Sometimes you just have to give it time. That’s … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Time

Self-Care Sunday Reconnecting with Emotions

Recently I have taken a step back from quite a few things and reassessed other things in my life. I think this is important to do at times because everything is always changing so it's good to take time to process it all. I'm finally in a position where I want to learn why I … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday Reconnecting with Emotions