Tag: Suicide

Poem: Precious

You body so preciousYour mind so pricelessYour soul floating lifelessThe result of so many harmful wordsMaking your soul float away like a flock of flying birdsI wish you could seeThat what is happening to you just isn’t the way it should beEach time you forgive and forgetThey’ll never […]

Poem: One Thing I Would Do

There’s a light above meGuiding me back homeBack to those I can turn toEspecially as I can’t last a day without youWith my last breath there is only one thing I would doSay I love youPlease be there waitingAnd never be contemplatingI’m coming home nowI hope I’m doing […]

Poem: One Day You’ll Find Me

Nothing feels rightSo I follow the lightHeading up into the nightOne day we will reuniteBut until then I’ll be alrightI’ll just float aroundIn this new life I’m not making a soundWhere I head to I can’t tell youBut one day you will find meJust when that is I […]