Tag: Support

Poem: Homeless

  Cold and lonelyI know for sure he won’t be the onlyNo bed or foodIs it a wonder he’s in such a bad moodPassersby narrowing their eyesNo words pass their lips, not a hello or goodbyeRejected by societyNot trusted with any responsibilityNeglected and aloneWithout a shelter to call […]

Poem: Guiding Me

Take me in your armsAway from all harmPull me into your chestThis is my only requestWhen I’m downYou always find a way to be aroundYou whisper words of reassuranceIt’s becoming a common occurrenceYour words pull me throughAll the time so trueI long for the day I’m there for […]

Poem: Helping You

When things happen to you There’s so much more I wish I could do You and me will battle through Especially now, so much has been taken from you The support we get I’ll never forget Especially all of the upset But there’s still time yet For us […]